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The development of communication media which has undergone many changes into digital media creates increasingly diverse choices. Because since the opening of freedom of information and media technology around the world, the growth of new mass media has increased the interest of customers and communities who use news, entertainment and digital media sources of choice.

The increasing number of choices of various types of media has increased to various communities in society, regardless of social status and economic status. The use of smartphone communication media has become a lifestyle of today’s society. Advances in media technology have taken part in people’s lives and cannot be separated by the presence of communication media technology.

The high progress of communication media today makes the need for digital media as a very practical and easily accessible entertainment facility from various levels in the community.

Futurov is the first source of news entertainment to implement Blockchain technology. Futurov through the OTT streaming protocol or Over The Top Service so that content services in the form of data, information sources and multimedia that run through the internet network can be enjoyed comfortably, easily and without server disruptions for customers.

If the streaming media is sent from a standard web server, it will cause problems that often occur, namely not being able to maintain the stability of the connection network status with customers, so that various problems will arise, such as unstable network, frequent connection drops, which makes customers unable to enjoy entertainment services comfortably.

Futurov took a strategy to overcome this problem, namely by using a special streaming server designed to improve the quality of streaming media, so that customers and the community can enjoy the entertainment they expect.

Futurov is a community-owned digital multi-media entertainment platform and an overall NFT hub that delivers live digital TV services in shows, as well as guidance on financial education. Futurov is a decentralized non-profit organization and ecosystem using blockchain technology.

Applications and programs offered by Futurov are entirely for promotional purposes in generating income which are used to support operational costs, so that the community and customers are not charged for the services they get, all entertainment services offered are free and free to enjoy. all walks of life around the world.

Various benefits are obtained as a Token holder (FTV), namely investors can vote on all agreed decisions but within the scope in accordance with applicable regulations. Investors holding FTV Tokens also play an important role in determining the success of Futurov roadmap and future plans in obtaining long-term and sustainable success.

Futurov offers the best sources of news, entertainment and media in the world, because by establishing a partnership with visual VR, joining the Futurov team will further enhance the communication strategy and audiovisual marketing to the maximum, in order success to achieve great goals for the Futurov.

Futurov provides great opportunities for communities that have creative talents and abilities in the field of multimedia services to individuals who want to develop for the better in order to empower all levels of society to have equal rights in achieving success in the creative industry. Your creative talents and abilities will get operational funds to improve the quality and expected goals in accordance with the development of the talents and abilities of each individual.

Futurov wants to grow and achieve success together with the community through various program offerings that are very beneficial to the community. The best opportunity to develop his creative talents because Futurov is ready to help with the various advantages he has.

Futurov also has a program, namely an award to a community that has creative talent and ability in the field of virtual reality services, the winner of the award is chosen very fairly without involving certain parties and it is purely because of creative talent and individual abilities.

By using Virtual Reality technology can evoke a 3D atmosphere that looks real, thus making users feel like they are in the real world to create a very extraordinary experience, Because Virtual Reality is a technology that can interact with a situation in a simulated three-dimensional environment. by computer technology.

Virtual Reality is very important in its application because users can feel the presence of an object from the object they want to observe / simulate and can interact with these objects that are not real. The growth of the Virtual Reality lover community is very rapid and has its own fun that is difficult to express in words, that’s the benefit of entertainment that you get.

Futurov has been present in the android application or app as proof that Futurov is really serious in carrying out all the roadmaps that have become the main goal and have taken aggregators to the next level. Get $FTV on google play store right now and enjoy the convenience and comfort you expect.

All the goals of FTV Tokenomics are for long-term progress and success, because we believe that prioritizing community loyalty and price stability in the long term is better for Futurov progress. Buying back and burning FTV will increase demand so prices will be more stable.


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