TurboTrix Securely Running on Binance Smart Chain,
Twin TurboTRX is a Highly Secured Blockchain Technology Built With Tron Algorithm.

TurboTrix Finance

The growth of Cryptocurrencies assets continues to grow continuously among communities around the world. Many individual investors and investment company institutions are increasingly looking at Cryptocurrencies assets as alternative investment instruments that offer attractive returns to choose from.

With the growing development, the number of Cryptocurrencies asset instruments themselves are very diverse and have different functions and uses, thus providing more options for individual investors and investment company institutions. With the continued increase in the number of Cryptocurrencies asset retail investors globally, which continues to increase, the prospect of Cryptocurrencies assets will still be attractive as a future investment option.

The Next-Gen Crypto Tracking Dashboard Features and State of The Art UX to Streamline Crypto Investing Workflow.

Sonar Platform

The challenges faced by investors and the Cryptocurrencies community in the face of increasingly rapid technological developments and with the lack of digital asset management resources make this problem must immediately find a solution that can really be implemented.

By implementing the right and safe strategy in building digital assets in the form of investments in the form of digital currency or Cryptocurrencies, it makes the community and investors feel comfortable in making long-term investments.

Tracking System to find out the digital assets that are owned in the investment portfolio is very important, because investors will always get data that…

DúiCoin as a charitable platform for the community.


The cryptocurrency community around the world is currently experiencing a tremendous increase, because they believe and believe in the future of the cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is a remarkable breakthrough in the field of computer technology.

Blockchain technology further accelerates the move to a more valuable internet globally by removing the barriers that stand in the way and it is very fair and transparent.

Blockchain technology also allows intangible or tangible assets such as currency, digital artwork, databases, and so on, it is like a network of contracts that can be exchanged or traded on the trading market without the need…

Getart NFT Marketplace simplifying NFT trading at the lowest rate to encourage artists, creators and collectors, A multi platform for the whole community.


NFT or non-fungible tokens are the only proprietary assets in the digital world that can be sold and bought like any other property, but NFTs or non-fungible tokens do not have a tangible form because they cannot be physically touched. NFT has a very unique nature and cannot be duplicated, because it is a sole ownership asset and there is only one in the whole world, so it is worthy of being a very rare and unique collection.

Digital art is the beginning of the use for NFT, because with the capabilities of today’s blockchain technology can ensure a very…

Hodlers Network Offers to Verify the Users and Avert Deception to its Holders.

Hodlers Network

The popularity of cryptocurrencies as an investment choice for the long term or just doing short trades has experienced a very high increase in terms of transaction volume and the community that supports these cryptocurrencies. The magnitude of the price increase that occurred in cryptocurrency trading, made many people interested in trying to trade.

This makes many crimes and all types of fraud begin to develop in cryptocurrency investments. Fraud mode by getting the lure of a very high percentage of return is one form of fraud that needs to be watched out for using a Ponzi scheme. …

Be-Life Will Truly Upgrade Your Lifestyle Through its Different Features


The use of digital currency or what is more popular with the community calling it cryptocurrency is increasingly experiencing a very great increase, in terms of its utilization and as an investment option that provides satisfactory results in accordance with the expectations of these investors.

These lifestyle choices are not only related to financial investment management, but also provide benefits and uses in supporting fundraising activities to be donated to communities that really need financial assistance from us. …

Blockchain’s First Entertainment Aggregator

The development of communication media which has undergone many changes into digital media creates increasingly diverse choices. Because since the opening of freedom of information and media technology around the world, the growth of new mass media has increased the interest of customers and communities who use news, entertainment and digital media sources of choice.

The increasing number of choices of various types of media has increased to various communities in society, regardless of social status and economic status. The use of smartphone communication media has become a lifestyle of today’s society. …


PolkaRoad is The First Unique and Engaging Community-Oriented Network for Fundraising Platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

This time a lot of Cryptocurrencies project developers in the form of digital tokens use the network platform on the Binance Smart Chain. Because the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is of great interest to the crypto community, it offers very low buy or sell transaction fees as well as fast delivery. …


Get to know more about cryptocurrency which is often informed in several online and offline news. In the cryptocurrency community, there are two terms that ordinary people are still confused about to distinguish. Namely tokens and coins, if you don’t study them well, you will definitely think tokens and coins are the same, even though they have many differences, both in terms of use and function. The most basic difference is the creation of the token or coin, the purpose and use of the token or coin.

Coins are digital assets or cryptocurrencies that run on their own blockchain, meaning…

Base reward token “ BRT “

Base Reward Token is The Future of Decentralize Finance

The financial future of a country is currently experiencing a lot of progress. From ancient times before the existence of technology that could provide financial support to a country, financial transactions could only be done offline or had to face to face or be done physically. But with the existence of technology it will make things easier, safer and save time, because all buying and selling transactions in all fields can be done only from home and everything is in hand a country.

Decentralized finance is an open financial system built…

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